Flashcard formats

Anki is a free and very useful program for memorization. There are free versions for your computer and Android device, and paid version for Apple devices. If you're not already using some other program for flashcards, you probably want to use Anki. Once you have Anki installed, just double-click on the file you downloaded, and it will be added to your collection.

The flashcards are also provided in CSV format for people who don't use Anki. Your flashcard program can probably import a CSV file. You can also probably just double-click on the CSV file and it will open up in Excel (or another spreadsheet program).

If you're using the CSV format, think about what you want your cards to look like. For instance, for the Bible book names, you probably want to both recognize and produce Dari Bible book names. So you would want one card that shows you “Genesis” and you have to provide “پیدایش”; and a card that shows you “پیدایش” and you have to provide “Genesis”. (The Anki decks that are provided take care of this for you.)

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